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"I have been curious about the mind and body for as long as I can remember. I was a gymnast, a ballet dancer, and a philosophy and physical therapy major. Following the thread of curiosity about mind and body, I took my first yoga class in 1980 and knew from the start that it would be a lifelong passion." - Rodney Yee Read More...

Rodney Yee's Blog

Life in this moment

The other day I said to my aging classroom that many of us had about 20 more quality years to live. A number of people seemed shocked and confused. For me it was just a statement of biology and observation of who we are at 80.

"To Do" List

Here we go again… adding more to our “to do” list, which is already busting at the seams. Every time we get out the calendar, we feel our shoulders tense and our jaw tighten. Yet, Colleen and I keep on erasing downtime as we fill in the blank spaces of our calendar.

The essence of skill in action

President Obama used this quote in his speech at Selma. “We are capable of bearing a great burden,” James Baldwin wrote, “once we discover that the burden is reality and arrive where reality is.”