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Life in this moment

The other day I said to my aging classroom that many of us had about 20 more quality years to live. A number of people seemed shocked and confused. For me it was just a statement of biology and observation of who we are at 80.

"To Do" List

Here we go again… adding more to our “to do” list, which is already busting at the seams. Every time we get out the calendar, we feel our shoulders tense and our jaw tighten. Yet, Colleen and I keep on erasing downtime as we fill in the blank spaces of our calendar.

The essence of skill in action

President Obama used this quote in his speech at Selma. “We are capable of bearing a great burden,” James Baldwin wrote, “once we discover that the burden is reality and arrive where reality is.”

The Word

A friend had us all play a New Year's Eve game in which we picked a word for ourselves instead of a resolution. This is meant to be a word that you keep on coming back to whenever there are decisions to be made.

Making time for yoga

Are you crazy busy? Is there hardly a moment to catch a breath? The day pushes on, and many of us are left anxious and rattled.

Is our significance tied to how much we work and how much we accomplish? Stop in the name of love and peace.

Making yoga your own

When I went to Pune, India, I had seven years of arduous practice under my belt. It was 1987 and I was on my way to study yoga with the master himself B.K.S. Iyengar. I thought I was ready, but I was secretly worried about two basic postures: Reclined Hero’s Pose and Shoulderstand. Maybe I could hide in the corner or go to the bathroom when these poses were addressed. Fat chance!

In awe of the subtle

From the ages 46 to 51, there have been some apocalyptic changes in my body. My hair is graying and receding; my arm is not quite long enough to read fine print; the spring in my legs are not launching me far off the ground; and my pants are not as loose…

Healing Tragedies with Small Deeds

Recently, I heard that around $50 million was raised during a telethon for Haiti. This raised my spirits enough to get me through another round of sun salutations. Sometimes I feel so helpless when dealing with the larger tragedies of life that it puts me into a depressed tailspin.

Start Your Yoga Practice with 3 Building Blocks

The first exposure to yoga is crucial. Most of us identify and define subjects so quickly -- we build an entire framework for our understanding of a subject sometimes within our first couple of encounters.